Working tax credit general information and conditions

Working tax credit is a great help for millions of people and it’s eligible for all those who don’t want to apply for the Universal Credit and are not deemed fit to apply for Child Tax credit. Although it has all sorts of different conditions it’s relatively easy to apply for it and it provides a great deal of money for those in greatest needs for it.

Let’s see the key conditions for applying for a Working Tax Credit:

As for work the following conditions apply:

How much can you get paid?

The full amount of Working Tax Credit is GBP 1960 per year at a maximum. It’s up to your current income, marital status and family status to know how much exactly you would get. You can use the online credit calculator to help you let you know how much credit you can opt for. You can also call the Working Tax Credit Phone Number if you have any questions about the application or if you are unsure what documents you need. The total amount of credit may also vary according to how you apply (alone or with your partner). Let’s see some of the basic sums below

As you can see there are tons of different ways and forms of paying the Working Tax Credit. Also bear in mind that this is a credit which needs to be paid back. There are several other benefits that are not to be paid back someone can get approved for. Read more on the government’s homepage ( on all the benefits one can apply for. Note that Universal Credit and Working Tax credit close each other out. You can only apply for one of them.